Why I signed up for The Grid and maybe you should too

What?! Aren’t you a designer? Why would you want to pay for something that does your job?

That’s one thought I had when I heard about this new marvel of modern technology. The other thought I had was, “I find working on websites tedious and time-consuming. Would I like The Grid to do it for me? Hells yeah!”

While perhaps some of my perfectionism will have to concede to what The Grid’s artificial intelligence decides is best for me, I will gladly give it control if it means I have more time to spend on other more interesting projects.

What about your web-designer friends? Will you forget about them?

No! While I am curious about this system for myself, I recognize that it will not be for everybody. Web designers and developers are still much needed! Some sites will need custom work to maintain brand consistency and a human eye and brain to maintain them. More than ever we need people who know what is going on behind the scenes.

So who should get a Grid website?

Do you like to try new things? Are you curious about this newfangled artificial intelligence technology? Do you want a small, uncomplicated website? Do you have a limited budget? I think to start it is perfect for personal and small business sites (e-commerce will not be available at the start but will be added). As long as you know that content is king and you will need to regularly update The Grid and your other social media sites, your site will keep fresh and relevant.

Is this the start of an I-Robotesque takeover of humankind?

Possibly. But for now I’m just happy it will be taking over my website. Who knows what the future holds? Other than better websites. And a price increase for The Grid! So if you want to check it out and get in on the early-bird rate of $8/month (bargain) before it is released this spring, then head here! One more reason to be excited for spring!

I think Canada’s 150th Anniversary is pretty important!

Should an important icon of Canada that will be cherished for years, come from a contest? I believe that this logo should celebrate the talent that we have in Canada, not be left to chance by a contest. Click the link below to read more and sign the petition if you agree!


Stop hoping and start BELIEVING

 A very inspirational speech that everyone needs to see.

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OK please PLEASE let me help you with your Christmas cards!

Before this happens, call me…




Nothing like being trapped in a confined space with your coworkers.


What is WRONG with these people?!


There aren’t enough cat photos on the internet, now we are mailing them to you!


Pass the cheer. It’s in that bottle over there.


Ok these people are actually kind of cool.

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What is Labour Day?

This past Labour Day weekend, I stopped to think about this holiday and why it is called “Labour Day” when no-one actually does any work? It’s probably one of the least productive days on the calendar! So I decided to do a little* research.
In Canada, Labour Day started with a parade on April 15, 1872 in Toronto that was organized to release some forward-thinking chaps from prison. They had been arrested for striking to get a nine-hour workday. They were members of the Toronto Typographical Union (formed mainly of printers) and unions were illegal back then. Although they didn’t get the 9 hour workday immediately, a few months later there was a parade in Ottawa and Sir John A decided to repeal all laws against unions. So we owe a lot to our printers! Treat them nice!
Labour Day was originally celebrated in the spring (makes sense) but in 1894 Ottawa declared it an official holiday and moved the day to the first Monday in September – for what reason I don’t know – I can only guess that it was because that’s what America was doing?
Now we can all be thankful that there are laws and rules in place for a safe and enjoyable (I hope!) workplace and enjoy a day off. Now stop reading this and get back to work!

*By little I mean Google search – I am not a historian and please don’t quote me on any of this historical information!

1900s Toronto LabourDay Parade.jpg
1900s Toronto LabourDay Parade” by Unknown – This image is available from the City of Toronto Archives, listed under the archival citation Fonds 1568, Item 314.
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Why not use your tax refund to improve your business?

Did you get a tax refund this year? Why not invest it in yourself and your business? Advertising locally and online is a good way to get the word out about your company. Need some collateral for a tradeshow that is coming up? Brochures and postcards are great take-aways for potential customers. A small investment now can pay off in the future.

Time for a website update!

Yes it’s high time for an update. Winter is slowly retreating and it’s time to dust off the mind and awaken the spirit. Hibernation has come to an end.
There is nothing better than injecting some new life into your business – that could be a simple website update or an entire re-brand.
Take Flight! Transform your business!

Designers are tools – for your business!

When you shop, are you drawn to new phones, clothes, espresso makers? Everyone loves things that are well designed. Many purchase decisions are based on the look, feel and ease of use of a product. When you buy a car, you pick the one that looks great and is designed to fit you – the one that is perfect.

Marketing design is the same. The possibilities in the creation of an ad or postcard are numerous, but you want something that will work perfectly for your business and brand. Many online print companies have templates you can plop in your marketing material, but do these designs say anything about your business? No. I’ve recently been given business cards from two completely separate companies which looked identical because they both used the same template. Needless to say, I haven’t called either one.

Unique material says something about you and your brand. And most importantly, potential clients will notice and remember you.

A lot of thought about your business is put into a design:
Who are you advertising to?
Where should you advertise?
What type of industry are you in?
Does your brand or “personality” shine through?

It is much more than a name and contact information with a pretty picture. Design will inspire others to act. It will motivate potential customers to go to your website, send an email, or maybe even actually speak to you!

So don’t be afraid of design (or designers). We are tools! Tools in that handy belt around your business, there to work for you and build the business of your dreams.

Retro Fun with wedding Invites

When my fiancé, Harley and I decided to have our reception at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, I knew the invitations had to fit the bill. It was heaven working with old-timey font styling and imagery. I do love vintage! Feel free to give feedback :-)

Corning! Yes Corning!

My latest adventure took me to Corning, NY in the Finger Lakes with my fiancé Harley. The home of the Corning Glass company also houses the Corning Museum of Glass. This is my new favourite place.

I have an incurable fascination with glass – is it liquid, solid, neither? All I know is that when light shines through it, it can be the most beautiful thing in the world.

The Corning Museum of Glass is an open, inspiring and busy place (as is eveident by the many bus tours).
First on our list was a glass bead making course first thing in the morning! I was in heaven – not so sure about Harley. This experience was really hands-on with an instructor guiding you through the whole thing so you don’t light yourself on fire.

Each of us took a turn heating the glass rods and globbing the white-hot, dripping honey-like glass to form a ball, then adding another colour and swirling for decoration. The beads are put in sand to set for 24 hrs so ours were mailed out the next day.

Then we meandered through the museum – the art section with modern and historical artists like my favs Frank Lloyd Wright and Tiffany, to the many detailed ancient artifacts, to the modern technological advancements in glass – powdered windows that become opaque in an instant. You can see an example in this video (how cool would it be to have all of these things?)

We also watched a demonstration by a local artist of a fine vase. You could then buy that artists work along with many others in the museum gift shop. Anything that has glass in it from anywhere in the world is in this store. It is wonderous – but a place to avoid for the highly uncoordinated.

I honestly can’t wait to go back to this museum. Even Harley wanted to take another glass course. Corning has a real “gem” in the Corning Museum of Glass.